List of Digestive Enzymes and Functions

Having a list of digestive enzymes may sometime come in handy for those that are experiencing digestive related problems. This way they will know which enzyme supplement they will take after eating foodstuffs that causes problems. The activity of the enzymes starts from the moment we place the food in our mouth and moves down to the stomach and is completed in the small intestine. These enzymes break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats and make it into a usable form for our body.

Small Intestine Enzymes

1. Cholecystokinin – Stimulates digestion of proteins and fats
2. Secretin – Controls secretion of duodenum and osmoregulation
3. Sucrase – Converts sucrose to disaccharides and monosaccharides
4. Maltase – Converts maltose to glucose
5. Lactase – Converts lactose to glucose and galactose
6. Isomaltase – Converts maltose to isomaltose

Stomach Enzymes

1 Pepsin is the main gastric enzyme. It breaks proteins into smaller peptide fragments.
2 Gelatinase, degrades type I and type V gelatin and type IV and V collagen, which are proteoglycans in meat.
3 Gastric amylase degrades starch, but is of minor significance.
4 Gastric lipase is a tributyrase by its biochemical activity, as it acts almost exclusively on tributyrin, a butter fat enzyme.
5 Pepsin enzyme is secreted by gastric glands
6 Renin enzyme change the liquid milk to solid

Mouth Enzymes

1. Ptyalin – Converts starch to simple soluble sugars
2. Amylase – Converts starch to soluble sugars
3. Betaine – Maintains cell fluid balance as osmolytes
4. Bromelain – Anti-inflammatory agent, tenderizes meat

Pancreas Enzymes

1. Pancreatic lipase – Degrades triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol
2. Chymotrypsin – Converts proteins to aromatic amino acids
3. Carboxypeptidase – Degradation of proteins to amino acids
4. Pancreatic amylase – Degradation of carbohydrates to simple sugars
5. Elastases – Degrade the protein elastin
6. Nucleases – Conversion of nucleic acids to nucleotides and nucleosides
7. Trypsin – Converts proteins to basic amino acids
8. Steapsin – Breakdown of triglycerides to glycerol and fatty acids
9. Phospholipase – Hydrolyzes phospholipids into fatty acids and lipophilic substances

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